Star Register

Star Register

How to find your registration

Our partner Star Register registers and manages Star Namings around the world. The list contains Star Registrations from the USA, the Middle East, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa and all over Europe. The registrations are completed within 24 hours after your order- have a look if your selected star already bears your name!

How do I find the registration of my named star?

You will find the registration number on your Star Certificate. Enter it in the search field in order to obtain the corresponding information. A window will open showing the name and coordinates of the star and the date of the star naming. Thanks to the unique registration number, your data is protected.

Are you looking for a specific star in the sky? Read here how to find your named star. The Star Register Software helps you to locate your star at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Don't have a Star Certificate yet? Name a Star now! To Name a Star has a very high symbolic meaning. To make other people happy, naming a star is a perfect option. Show them your affection, your pride, your love!