Shooting Stars Lyrids

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Just in time for Easter Monday, the night sky surprises us with a marvelous spectacle: The Lyrids shooting stars! Every year between the 16th and 25th of April you might see the Lyrids, because during this period the earth crosses the orbit of comet C/1861 G1 (Thatcher). Its fragments burn up in the earth's atmosphere so that they can be seen in the sky in the form of shining shooting stars. In the night from 22 to 23 April the Lyrids reach their climax. Up to 18 shooting stars will be visible per hour.

The point in the sky from whose direction the shooting stars seem to come - the radiant - is located in the constellation Lyra. Therefore they are best seen in the northern hemisphere, but also partly in the middle latitudes of the southern hemisphere. The Latin name of the constellation "Lyra" is the origin for the name of the shooting stars.

If you want to experience the natural event, you should remember that the chances are increased if you are in a dark place outside the city. Also pay attention to the weather forecasts for your location, clouds unfortunately prevent you from seeing the shooting stars.