Star in a Night Sky

Which Star should I name?

Name a Star Guide

To name a star for a special person in your life is a unique gift. Because at Star Registration, you get the opportunity to tailor your gift exactly to your favorite person. Not only by the name of the star, the dedication on the certificate and the registration date - but also by choice of the star itself. But which star is the right one? In this article, we give you a brief guide and inform you about our various packages.

Naming a Standard Star

In the standard package, you name a single star in the night sky. This package is especially suitable for astronomy lovers who can easily orientate themselves in the night sky and find certain stars at first go.

Naming a Star in a Constellation

Many stars belong to a particular constellation - a combination of various individual stars that, together, form a special and lasting image in the night sky. Each constellation has its own meaning. Dedicating a star to someone from a constellation has two outstanding characteristics: You may choose a constellation that suits the person you are giving the gift to. Maybe it should even be a star in the zodiacal sign of the lucky person?

On the other hand, stars in constellations are much easier to spot in the night sky. That's why this package is especially suitable for gifts to those who want to find their star in the sky as easily as possible. Even if you don't know which constellation you prefer, you can let our experienced team choose one that will definitely be visible from your location!

Naming a binary star

Naming a binary star is a particularly romantic gift. A binary star system consists of two stars that are close and constantly orbiting each other. They never move away from each other and have great meaning to people who want to eternalize their love or special bonding. Especially couples often choose to name binary stars.

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