Name a Star

Name a Star

Meaning & Tips


To Name a Star has a very high symbolic meaning. To make other people happy, naming a star is a perfect option. You show them your affection, your pride, your love: "You are for me, like a star in the sky. You shine when everything else is dark. You are unique to me. Every time I look into the night sky, I see the star with your name and think of you." A gift for eternity.

The stars have fascinated people for millennia. They show them the way, interpret their future or determine their character. The more wonderful, if one of these luminous beauties is named after your dearest person! Set a sign of boundless love, friendship or union. Name a star with a date of your choice and perpetuate your personal dedication on the individual certificate.

A Star as a present

Everyone knows the phrase "I'll reach up and get a star from the sky for you". Unfortunately, this is not so easy, because you can not buy a star, because there is no official ownership of stars. However, there is the possibility to name a star. This star then keeps this name forever and is entered in the star register. Do you consider to name a star as a special gift idea? Name a Star now!

Tips to hand over the gift

So that your dearest person can also capture the peculiarity of the present, you should create a suitable basic atmosphere for the handover. For your partner, it may of course be a bit more romantic, but also for friends, the star certificate should not be sent by post. Decorate a place, choose a moody music, or wrap the certificate in a special envelope and show that you have made every effort yourself. Also the timing is crucial, because stress and hectic distract only from the gift. The best you can do is handing over the star certificate in a moment when the sky is clear and your gift can be seen, either with the naked eye or a telescope. But you have to prepare yourself, because nothing is more embarrassing than not knowing which of the billions of stars in the sky it is. Therefore, you have to look for it before, so that you do not need an explanation later.

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