A Star Certificate for Nelson Mandela

A Star Certificate for Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela fought against racism

Nelson Mandela's life it’s a symbol of fight, courage and honor for the whole planet. The first black president of South Africa is also a symbol of struggle and accomplishments.

He renounced his claim with the Thembu people so he could become a lawyer and fought for human rights. Star naming Nelson Mandela it’s one of the least things we can do for this hero.

Why does Nelson Mandela deserve his own star?

Nelson was a fighter; he had a wider vision and tried to help other human beings in need. He struggled all his life with racism; but also fought his own government and spent 26 years in prison for defending his human rights and the rights of all the people affected by apartheid and racism.

Registration Number 5710-63299-6918807

The life of Nelson Mandela

Nelson was born in Mvezo, South Africa July 18th in 1918; his birth name is Rolihlahla Mandela. One of his teachers gave him the name of Nelson as it was used in the South African schools.

He was the son of Nkosi Gadla Mandela, principal counsellor to Jongintaba Dalindyebo, Acting King of the Thembu.

Mandela studied in Healdtown, then moved on to the University College of Fort Hare; but unfortunately he didn’t complete his Bachelor of Arts as he was expelled for participating in a protest. Nevertheless, later in his life, he completed his degree through the University of South Africa.

A few years later he joined the African National Congress in 1944 where he was part of the formation of the ANC Youth League. He married Evelyn Mase in 1944 and that same year he held a bigger role in the ANC, clearly opposing the apartheid policies of the National Party.

Apartheid was a policy of extreme racial segregation in the Republic of South Africa. Moreover it specified which races could participate in government decisions, what jobs they should have and also if they could hold land or not.

In 1952 Mandela and Oliver Tambo established the first black law practice in South Africa. They both specialized in cases related to the apartheid law. Therefore you could say that Nelson started an open fight against the legislation with this action.

He started to take on more of a public image as he travelled around South Africa; consequently he began searching for followers to oppose the apartheid laws with peaceful demonstrations.

The Congress Alliance wrote the Freedom Charter and Nelson Mandela was one of the people collaborating and supporting the program of nonracial social democracy.

This same year the government and the ruling party started to notice more of Mandela so they even banned his travels on some occasions.

In 1956 Nelson was arrested along with several other persons. All this persons were government targets for their fight against apartheid. This situation obviously had an impact on the life of Nelson which caused his divorce with Evelyn. They had two sons and two daughters and finally divorced in 1958. He remarried afterwards to Nomzamo Winifred.

In Sharpeville things changed for South Africa and Nelson. The police forces massacred unarmed black South Africans in 1960 and banned the ANC. The fight for liberty and the end of racism had begun in South Africa and certainly Nelson started supporting sabotage against the regime.

Nelson was one of the founders of “Spear of the Nation”, a military wing of the ANC. He even travelled to Algeria and received training in warfare.

Shortly after returning, Nelson was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison. In 1963, Mandela was imprisoned and charged for treason, sabotage and conspiracy. He was sentenced to life in prison in the Rivonia Trial.

Finally he was in prison from 1964 to 1990, 26 years of confinement across different penitentiaries. Without a doubt this is a constant sign of his perseverance and strong will.

On two different occasions Mandela was offered his own freedom if he acknowledged the racist government that was imposed at those times but obviously he refused both times.

Nelson Mandela later years

Nelson was released from prison in 1990. After his release he was voted head of the ANC. The negotiations between the ANC and the president resulted in the abolition of apartheid and a peaceful transition to nonracial democracy.

In 1994 the ANC and Mandela won the presidential elections in South Africa and as the president, Nelson created democratic institutions, investigated crimes during the time of apartheid and assured a better future for the country.

He ended his term in 1999 and he turned to work at the internationally known Nelson Mandela Foundation. Above all, he spent his last years still looking for a more just world.

A dedication

Naming a star for someone as valuable as Nelson Mandela does something good to humankind. Nelson searched for a peaceful approach to most of his interactions in life, he was always looking for a better way and fought for it.

You can spot his Registered Star in the night sky from anywhere using the Star Finder App under registration number 5710-63299-6918807.It will serve as a reminder of his dedicated soul.