A Star Certificate for Neil Armstrong

A Star Certificate for Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong: the first man to walk on the moon

On August 5th of 1930, Neil was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio. He was a Pilot at 16 and naval cadet at 17 years old. He became an astronaut and mastered different aircrafts when young. He was also the first man to ever walk on the moon and always will be.

He received several commemorations and medals during his life. The most outstanding were The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1969, also the Congressional Space Medal of Honor in 1978 and lastly The Congressional Gold Medal in 2009.

To name a star after someone as important as Neil Armstrong is a must for humankind story.

Why does Neil Armstrong deserve his own star?

We could say that Neil Armstrong deserves a star more than any of us as he has been closer to it! The astronaut who set the first step on the moon for humankind surely deserves his own star.

Registration Number 7727-88430-9618080

The life of Neil Armstrong

The determination of Neil was already seen in his early childhood. He obtained the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, the highest rank in the organization.

Armstrong served as a naval aviator in the early 50s. He fought in the Korean War and was awarded three Air Medals; he even was shot down two times during his time in service.

He joined NACA in 1955, later to be known as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He really knew it all when it came to flying different planes and aircrafts. It was in 1962 when he joined the space program, in its second group of astronauts.

Neil resigned from NASA in 1971. He subsequently spent the next years trying to give some of the knowledge he experimented to the next generations. He also worked as a professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Cincinnati.

Eugene Cernan canceled the Apollo program in 1972. It should be noted that after this, no other human has set foot on the moon for the past 46 years.

It’s expected that the NASA mission “Artemisa” will take the Armstrong legacy one step further, when a human will be back to the satellite in 2024.

Neil Armstrong later days

After NASA and teaching at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, Neil ended up as chairman of Computing Technologies for Aviation, Inc. He also served in other world organizations to ensure a better planet for the rest of us.

He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue University and he also studied in Southern California and received a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering.

In addition, he was part of the Peace Corps as Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee. He was committed to humankind and he dedicated part of his life to gathering knowledge and trying to pass it along to younger people.


The commandant of the Apollo XI died August 25th, of 2012. He died of a surgery complication. We will wait in the name of Armstrong for the next human on the moon and the next big step for humankind.

A dedication

Neil Armstrong was condecorated by 17 countries. Without a doubt this gives us a glimpse of the importance of Neil not only to the United States of America but also to the Whole World. He is a symbol of perseverance, dedication and a true dreams believer.

We surely need more people with that bravery in this world and acknowledging these human heroes gives us a more complete perspective in how to act against lack of courage and the barriers of the mind.

Among the astronauts that were capable of commanding Apollo XI and given the first step on the moon, undoubtedly the honor was given to Neil Armstrong, a star naming hero.

You can spot his Registered Star in the night sky from anywhere using the Star Finder App under registration number 7727-88430-9618080.